Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cats and Self Discovery

Cats and Self Discovery - Interview series on EQAFE

 How and Why is One’s Relationship to Cats a Key to Self Awareness?

Cats and Self Discovery Part 1
Cats and Self Discovery Part 2
Cats and Self Discovery Part 3

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Life Review - A Cat Lover
 What have we as human being come to miss regarding the nature and living of animals in our self-exalted belief/perception/interpretation of being superior to animals simply because of consciousness/intelligence?

Life Review - The Life of a Dog Lover
 How are Dogs more advanced in physical-communication than Humans?
 How do Dogs ‘physically communicate’?
 What is ‘physical communication’?
 How do dogs assist and support the Human with Physical equality and  oneness/expression? What is ‘Physical Equality and Oneness/Expression’?

Pets and Owners Relationship Review Part 1
 The Evolutionary Processes of the Relationships between Humans and Dogs Explained in Detail.

Pets and Owners Relationship Review Part 2
 How Dogs’ communication with Barking is more Evolved than Humans’ communication with Words?

Pets and Owners Relationship Review Part 3
 Why Dogs did More in their relationship to humans than any of the  Angels and Guides in the Heaven Existence, in the History of Human  Civilization.

Pets and Owners Relationship Review Part 4
 How do Dogs see Human Beings in the Interdimensions as well as in the Physical Reality?

Pets and Owners Relationship Review Part 5
 What Dogs can See in Human Beings that no Human or Science can see?

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Friday, January 18, 2013

BLAME: Proof Humanity Has Not Evolved

How can we call ourselves advanced, enlightened, evolved, intelligent, superior, wise, aware, smart, intellectual, clever, rational, logical, greater, higher beings, when we still participate in the game of Blame in which we give away our Power of Response-Ability by pointing a finger at another, without investigating and correcting Ourselves First to ensure that how we live is actually Benevolent to All Life.  

The Blame game is just the avoidance of Facing Oneself. Do you have the Courage to stop Blame and face the Truth of You?

See the Courage and get Support from the hundreds of others Daring to Care: 

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Psychic Animals: The Sheep

Psychic Animals: The Sheep

Psychic Animals: The Sheep

Are Animals more psychic than Humans?

What role in existence was the sheep designed for?

How do they actually experience themselves and this reality?

It's not what you'd expect.

Answers to these questions and more in this remarkable series!

Gift this interview to someone or treat yourself to this fascinating interview series that will offer profound perspective on reality and the difference between animals and humans, that's never been told before.

Read about this series in this blog review on Leila's Journey to Life blog:

  • Day 122: The Animal Kingdom Speaks: Teachings from a Sheep
  • Sunday, November 18, 2012

    Who I Am is the Physical - Here as Breath

    "The FLESH is the Mirror of SELF. Anything REAL you cannot just stop in an Instant without Consequence. The love and thoughts and feelings of mind you can STOP in an instant because it is ILLUSION and ONLY involves the creator of These illusions. The Flesh cannot just be stopped as it involves All here as Flesh. The flesh Currently Mirrors Consciousness and have created a World where lack exist for Most. Do you not see and hear the real truth of the mirror of flesh? Do you want to pass to your children the illusions and dishonesty of CONsciousness? Join the Living Word of Desteni and change the Destiny of Earth for all the words of flesh that is HERE BREATHING. Thoughts do not breath as they are not LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Bernard Poolman

    For Self Education on the current State of Reality watch the following documentaries: